A New Asset Class

Cloudware’s long history of deep strategic relationships in the Financial Services industry has taught us the skills necessary to support the most business-critical systems.

Cloudware’s extensive experience will help you build deepen relationships with your customers, better leverage your data and be more successful as an organization.

A Cloudware consultant may become your most important asset.


The world’s #1 CRM,
reimagined for Financial Services

Cloudware works closely with Salesforce to help our Financial Services clients lead their industry.

We are focused to help drive client loyalty, grow your AUM, work smarter and address regulatory and compliance with confidence.


“Cloudware deployed a Retail Sales Coaching application to 16,000 users driving improved client product acquisition across all spectrums”

– Retail Bank

“Cloudware deployed a lead referral system across 12 countries ensuring our global customers’ needs are met wherever they choose to bank”

– Retail Bank

“Cloudware deployed a mobile mortgage solution to over 500 specialists enabling us to engage with our clients anywhere”

– Retail Bank

““Cloudware deployed multiple 3rd Party Lending systems enabling us to provide loans to varied client classes”

– Retail Bank

“Cloudware integrated our daily feeds enabling us to match our CRM with AUM and drive greater Wholesale and Retail sales”

– Global Asset Manager

“Cloudware deployed a Customer Community enabling our clients to track and manage their benefits”

– Insurance Client


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